What sort of therapy do you provide for a child with autism?

Before choosing a therapy approach we will always carry out an assessment to find out about the child’s communicative strengths and needs. We will talk to family members and important people at school and put all this information together to inform the therapy approach that we use.

Some of the approaches we use with children with autism may involve using pictures as the basis of communication for example the Picture Exchange Communication System.

Other children with autism may benefit from a social skills programme to help them develop skills such as assertiveness and conversational skills.

Are Learning Talking therapists CRB checked?

We carry out enhanced CRB checks on all members of the team.

How will Learning Talking therapists liaise with NHS therapists?

Many children we work with will have an NHS speech and language therapist (SLT) as well as a Learning Talking SLT. With parent / carer consent we will share information with NHS therapists through regular telephone / email contact, sharing of written reports and targets and where appropriate through joint sessions.

How do you carry out assessment?

There are many different ways to carry out assessment of a child’s speech, language and communication needs. Part of the assessment process will involve gathering information from parents, carers and teachers. For some children assessment will be carried out through observation and informal play based activities. For other children we may use a formal assessment that provides a standard score that can be used to compare a child’s progress to the expected levels of development in the area assessed. We will always carry out assessment in  a sensitive manner and do our best to ensure that the process is fun and engaging for the child.